OneNote EDU Planner 18/19

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The OneNote edu Planner is a OneNote notebook that combines the best of the „analog“ and „digital“ world. Organize your schoolyear with ease use the power of OneNote.

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The OneNote edu Planner is a OneNote notebook that combines the best of the „analog“ and „digital“ world.

Many educators appreciate the school planners available. For the OneNote-affine teacher I have created a school year planner with many additional features from the OneNote world.

With the help of the internal links, you have everything under control at lightning speed and can plan your school year, months, week and day-wise. Make notes where you need them and record video and audio in OneNote instantly. In addition, there are templates for class lists and also a nice address list.

Thanks to OneNote, the teacher planner can be used independently of any platform and you can take it wherever you go!



weekly view

With the weekly view, you always have the overview.


daily journal

365 days. neatly organized. in color.

address book

internal links

The powerful advantage over a conventional, „analogue“ planner on paper is the internal linking of the respective sections and pages.

Thus, you have lightning fast everything at hand, what you need and „do not waste“ hours throughout the school year!

Don't know what to expect?

Maybe you would like to have a quick look at a demo yourself.

The following OneNote online notebook gives you a good idea of how the planner works. There are only a few sections and features to help you understand how it works.


Most frequent questions and answers

The edu Planner SJ2018 / 19 is a separate OneNote notebook developed by me as part of the #hackOneNote project. It’s built like a regular annual planner and includes an annual overview, monthly overviews, monthly views, memo pages, and a daily planner for each day of the 2018/19 school year.

You can use it quite simply, as a paper planner (and print), or you use the many OneNote features and combine the best of the „analog“ and the „digital world, to your school year 2018/19 perfectly with To organize OneNote!

The edu Planner 18 / 19 is a separate OneNote notebook that you will receive either as a download (for OneNote 2016) or via a read-only link (prerequisite: account!).

  • OneNote 2016/2013
    Just download and open the file „OneNote LL-Planner 2018 / 19.onepkg“ after successful purchase.
    A notebook is created in the default location (usually C: / Users / NAME / Documents / OneNote notebooks).
    Now you can copy / move pages, sections or the entire notebook into other notebooks.
  • All other OneNote installations
    You will receive a live access link to your e-mail
    Open notebook in app
    Now you can copy pages, sections or the entire notebook into other notebooks.

Since it’s a commercial product, you’re not allowed to share a copy with others. Of course you can use your purchased copy more often and on any device.

Tip: If you save your calendar notebook to OneDrive, you can also access it on your smartphone and tablet.

Congratulations, contact quickly and you’ll get a small credit if you’re the first to discover the bug. (except spelling errors)

That depends on how well the year 2018/19 turns out … 😉 Give me feedback!

You are welcome to make a few small changes, ATTENTION if you change the names of the sections or pages, the built-in links will NOT work anymore!

If you would like to have your own branding for your school / educational institution, please contact me at and we will discuss everything else!


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